Selasa, 30 Juli 2013

Connective word in English/ Kata penghubung dalam bahasa Inggris

Connective word in English

 (Source: Sudarwati.2007. Look A Head. Jakarta: PenerbitErlangga.)

Connective word are words to link ideas, so that there is a unity in a paragraph.


These area connectives commonly used in a discussion text.

o   In addition
o   And
o   Similarly
o   Likewise
o   As well as
o   Besides
o   Furthermore
o   Also
o   Moreover
o   And then
o   Too
o   Not only..but
o   Also…
o   Beside this/ that
Ø  However
Ø  On the other hand
Ø  Despite
Ø  In spite of
Ø  Though
Ø  But
Ø  On the contrary
Ø  Otherwise
Ø  Yet
Ø  Instead of
Ø  Rather
Ø  Whereas
Ø  Nonetheless
Ø  Even though
Ø  In contrast
Ø  As a result
Ø  Thus
Ø  So
Ø  Therefore
Ø  Consequently
Ø  It follows that
Ø  Thereby
Ø  Eventually
Ø  Then
Ø  In that case

Ø  In the same way
Ø  Like
Ø  Similarly
Ø  Whereas
Ø  While
Ø  Compared with


Arctic (north)
Antarctic (south)
Ice covered sea
Ice covered land
Surrounded by land
Surrounded by great ocean
Pole is in deep water
Pole lies on land
Varied climate
Climate varies little
Much plant lice
Less plant life
Economically exploited
No economic exploitation