Kamis, 11 Juli 2013

Example Dialog about invite birthday party/ Contoh Dialog tentang Undangan Ulang Tahun di dalam Bahasa Inggris, English

Example Dialog about invite birthday party

(Sumber: Ms Wijayanti. Teach English. Ponorogo: Junior High School 1 Ponorogo)

Bayu and Niko are in the canteen. They are having a rest

Ø  Bayu    : nik, will you come to my house tomorrow afternoon?
Ø  Niko    : on what occasion?
Ø  Bayu    : there are will be a party for my birthday party. I will be fourteen years old. I will be very happy if you can join for this
Ø  Niko    : sure, I will be there. Thank you for your invitation
Ø  Bayu    : that’s my pleasure