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Science Fiction, in English/ Sains Fiksi, dalam bahasa Inggris

Science Fiction, in English

(Source: Astuti, Eka Mulya.2010. English Zone. Jakarta: PenerbitErlangga.)

Science fiction is a genre of fiction. It differs from fantasy in that, within the context of the story, its imaginary elements are largely possible within scientifically established or scientifically postulated laws of nature (though some elements in a story might still be pure imaginative speculation). Science fiction is largely based on writing rationally about alternative possibilities. The settings for science fiction are often contrary to known reality.


“saved by our great-grandkids with a note we haven’t written yet?” said Sam. “I told you something like this was going to blow up (11). No we’re probably going to blow up.” “we could be genius inventors back (2) in 1995 if we could reconstruct these levitation devices,” said Sam.
“what did he just say?” asked Freddi.
“He wants to know how the antigravity disks work,” said Samantha. “A truly amazing discovery. More revolutionary than Alexander Graham Bell’s first telephone. But all I can tell you is the antigravity power comes from the chemical BHT. And it was discovered in a breakfast accident.”
“what a breakfast accident?” said Sam. A head on collision with a bowl (5) of cornflakes? And who foun out BHT that could make thins fly?” “you did,” said Samantha. “that’s why we can’t tell you more. You know the Time Wrap Info-speed limit posted (4/ dimas erda) in The book. Anyone traveling through time blows up.” “hey, wait minute,”  I said. “where did you say the info-speed limit was?” samanta looked at me like I was an insect. “in the book, of course.” “ how do you know about the book?” “I got it for my birthday last (16) year,” said Joanie, “and since then we’ve been all over time. We’ve met cavewomen, Cleopatra…” “but if you have the Book, that means we’re saved”, said Sam. Samantha gave Sam her look. “if you remember the Time Warpers Tips, you know nothing can be in two places at once. Of course (20) our book disappeared as soon as your book appeared.” “so now we have to help you get the book back to the past (21),” said Freddi, “so we can have it in the future.” Uncle Joe looked up from something he was fiddling with in his lap. “The Book? Oh, I never could it to work the way your mother did. That’s why I gave it to you for your birthday.” “oh, great,” said Sam, “we’re dammed (22).”but that’s also why I put this together,” uncle Joe held up the thing he had been fiddling with in his lap. It was an old-fashioned pocket (12) watch, “My time Wrap Watch.” “we’re saved!” yelled Sam.

Ø  What did Sam mean by “a note we haven’t written yet”? sebuah catatan yang belum kami tulis (9)
Ø  What device did Sam wish he could have discovered? Antigravity(17)
Ø  Which character discovered the antigravity disk, but doesn’t know it? Sam did (7)
Ø  How did the character discover it? It discovered by a breakfast accident (7)
Ø  What will happen to the boys if they learn too much while visiting the future? They will be crazy
Ø  To whom did the book belong during the conversation? The book belong to Joanie, “last if for…” (19)
Ø  “and since then we’ve been all over time. We’ve cavewomen, Cleopatra….” What does the word “we” refer to? Samantha, Joanie, and Freddi (15)
Ø  What two tips did they get from the Time Warpers’ Tips? Nothng can be in two place at once and our book disappeared as soon as your book appeared (2)
Ø  What was uncle Hoe fiddling with in his lap? An old fashioned pocket watch (4/ dimas erda)
Ø  Why was an old-fashioned pocket watch significant? Because the we was saved by his time wrap watch (21).