Senin, 08 Juli 2013

Text Fungsional in English/ Pernyataan Kata di dalam bahasa Inggris ENGLISH

Text Fungsional in English

(Sumber: Ms Wijayanti. Teach English. Ponorogo: Junior High School 1 Ponorogo)

1) Command (Aba-aba). Example: open the your book (buka bukumu)

2) Announcement (pengumuman)

a) General Announcement (Pengumuman Umum/ biasa)


Monday, April 21,15 Kartini’s Day. To celebrate it, each class must present a couple of boy and girl. They have to wear and perform the  traditional costumes. Also, there will be a cooking competition. Each class presents two groups, i.e. one group of boy and one group of girls. Each group consists of 3-4 students. The categories for judging will be: best of show and creativity. Winners will receive prize at 02.00 pm in the school hall. For more information, please confirm your class teacher.