Selasa, 17 September 2013

Personal Identity, in English/ Identitas pribadi, dalam bahasa Inggris

Personal Identity, in English

(sumber/ source: _.2008. Handbook Beginner. Ponorogo: Lembaga Pendidikan dan Ketramapilan Elite English School.)

Suparman (Superman hero from Javanese) meet Pretty Woman (Suminten) in television program about “Who is Superman from Javanese?”

Pretty Woman  : Hello, now, we present famous people or our hero, he is Suparman. Hallo, Suparman.
Suparman           : Hallo, Suminten, oh sorry, Pretty Woman.
Pretty Woman  : no, problems. How are you? Now, I give you some question about you?
Suparman           : fine, okay.
Pretty Woman  : How many are there in your family?
Suparman           :There are five, my parents, my old brother, I, and my younger brother.
Pretty Woman  : Where are you from?
Suparman           : I am from Bangsalan Village, Sambit Sub district, Ponorogo Regency, East Java
Pretty Woman  : Are you related to James Bond 007?
Suparman           : yes, I am.
Pretty Woman  : where have you come from?= where did you come from?
Suparman           : I have come from taking shopping.        I came from market
Pretty Woman  : may I know your name? what’s your name?
Suparman           : sure, my name is Suparman Paijoe Wage,
Pretty Woman  : how do I call you?
Suparman           : please call me Superman
Pretty Woman  ; are you married?
Suparman           : yes, I am.
Pretty Woman: how old are you?
Suparman           : I am 19 years old
Pretty Woman  : where and when you born?
Suparman           : I was born in Ponorogo, on March, 19th, 1994
Pretty Woman  : what’s your zodiac?
Suparman           : my zodiac is kelopo
Pretty Woman :What’s your religion? 
Suparman           : I am a moslem
Pretty Woman  :do you pray God?
Suparman           : sometime.
Pretty Woman  : are you parents still alive?
Suparman           : yes, there are
Pretty Woman  : where do you live?
Suparman           : I live in Ponorogo, just this.
Pretty Woman  : how long have you been living in Ponorogo?
Suparman           : I have been living here since I was born or since 1994
Pretty Woman  : do you feel at home in Ponorogo?
Suparman           : yes, I do
Pretty Woman  : how many brother and sisters do you have?
Suparman           : I have 2 brothers
Pretty Woman  : what’s your hobby?
Suparman           : my hobbies are typewriter, reading, painting, sleeping, eating, sleeping together, etc.
Pretty Woman  : are you the eldest?
Suparman           : no, I am not. I am the second.
Pretty Woman  : where do you study?
Suparman           : I study in University
Pretty Woman  : what year/ semester are you in?
Suparman           : I’m in the first semester.

Pretty Woman : okay, thank you for about our discussing “Who is Superman from Javanese?”, thank you for watching.