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Parts of the Body and Health Problems, Nurses/ Bagian dari Masalah Tubuh dan Kesehatan, Perawat

Parts of the Body and Health Problems, Nurses

(Sumber/ Source: Pramudya, Leo A.2005. English for Professional Nurses. Jakarta: EPN.)
(Rewritten by Dimas Erda Widyamarta: www.ithinkeducation.blogspot.com)

To have+ (noun)
An ache
To ache
A pain
To hurt
A bruise
To throb
A rash
To itch
A cut
To irritate
A scar
To injure
A swelling

A graze

A sting

A bite

Description of “ache, pain, hurt, injure, throb, and itch”
A)    Ache (v): merasa sakit yang tidak terlalu tetapi berlangsung terus. Example:
1)      I’m aching all over
2)      Her eyes ached from lack of sleep
B)     Ache (n): rasa sakit. Example:
1)      Mummy, I’ve fot a tummy ache.
2)      Muscular aches and pains can be soothed by a relaxing massage.
3)      Bellyache/ stomachache: sakit perut
C)     Achy (adj): achy adjective (informal). Example: i felt hot and achy all over. Note: combination of the body+ache
D)    Pain: suatu rasa yang dialami tubuh akibat suatu penyakit atau luka atau tindakan tertentu.  Example:
1)      She was clearly in a lot of pain
2)      He felt a sharp pain in his knee.
3)      Patients suffering from an acute back pain
4)      Stomach/ chest pains
5)      The booklet contains information on pain relief during labor
6)      This cream should help to relieve the pain
E)     Painful (adj): terasa sakit. Example: is your back still painful? My ankle is still too painful to walk on.
F)      Hurt (verb)       : 1. menyebabkan terasa sakit secara fisik terluka. Example: he hurt his back palying squash; did you hurt your self?; my back is really hurting me today; strong light hurts my eyes; my shoes hurt they’re too tight. 2. Terasa sakit. Example: my feet hurt. Ouch! That hurts! It hurts when I bend my knee. 3. Terluka secara fisik (hurt: adjective) example: none of the passengers were badly hurt.
G)    Injure: melukai, luka, menyebabkan luka, example: he injured his knee playing hockey; three people were killed and five injured in the crash; she injured herself during training.
H)    Throb (v): terasa sakit berdenyut (javanese: senut-senut). Example: his head throbbed painfully; my feet were throbbing after the long walk home.
I)       Throb (n): sakit yang berdenyut. Example: my headache faded to a dull throbbing.
J)       Sore (adj): sakit, kb, luka, pegal linu, perih (bisa karena infeksi atau gerakan otot yang berlebihan). Example: I have a sore throat; his feet were sore after the walk; my stomach is still sore (=painful) after the operation. (sore: noun): bagian tubuh yang sakit berwarna merah akibat luka: open sores
K)    Itch: gatal. Example: itch: verb; I itch all over; does the rash itch?; (itch:noun) i get/ have an itch.

1)      Would you show me the location of your pain?
2)      Can you point at the location of your pain?
3)      Show me where it hurts?
4)      Where is the pain?
5)      Is it (your pain) in your+ (part of body)
6)      Do you feel pain in your+ (part of body)

Let’s practice!
1)      I felt pain in my knee
2)      My angkle hurts (Triana, 30)
3)      My head confused throbbed painfully (Siti Falevi, 54)
4)      My back felt itchy (Satria, 53)
5)      My fingers injured (wifqi, 46)
6)      I got sore throat (Ninda, 3)
7)      Strong light will hurt eyes (Dimas Erda, 22)
8)      My feet ache because after long walk (Maratus, 26)
9)      I feel pain in here (Zuriska, 32)
10)  My back painfull (Riska, 4)
11)  M younger brother gets fever (Wiji, 33)
12)  I get flu (Bima, 36)
13)  She gets a sore throat (Susi)
14)  She is being treated for a nose. He gets cut in his nose (Yeni, 20)
15)  A boy gets fainted (Widodo, 13)
16)  I get headache (Agus, 2)
17)  He gets chest pain (Erwan, 27)
18)  She gets fracture in her calves (Eko)

Example for dialogue
Case: a patient hospitalized with a recurrent abdominal pain complains about his pain

Ø  Patient        : Nurse, help me. I have a stomach hurt pain in my stomach (Mahardika, 51)
Ø  Nurse         : your stomach hurts?
Ø  Patient        : yes, nurse.
Ø  Nurse         : would you show me at the location of your pain? (Winning, 28; Marratus 26) is it in the lower part or in the upper part of your stomach.
Ø  Patient        : it’s in the upper part. It’s in here.
Ø  Nurse         : is it a burning pain that gets worse when you ben over?
Ø  Patient        : yes, nurse. Its very pain full when i bend over. So what’s happening? (Aris, 49)
Ø  Nurse         : you may have a hernia. But let’s ask the doctor.
Ø  Patient        : thanks, nurse.
Ø  Nurse         : you’re welcome.