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Telling Time, Date and Doctor’s Schedule, Nurses/ Menceritakan Waktu, Tanggal dan Jadwal Dokter, Perawat

Telling Time, Date and Doctor’s Schedule, Nurses

(Sumber/ Source: Pramudya, Leo A.2005. English for Professional Nurses. Jakarta: EPN.)
(Rewritten by Dimas Erda Widyamarta: www.ithinkeducation.blogspot.com)

Second             : (n) detik
Minute             : (n) menit
Hour                : (n) jam
p.m. (post meridiem)   : kurun waktu antara jam 12 tengah hari sampai jam 12 tengah malam
a.m (ante meridiem)     : waktu antara jam 12 malam sampai jam 12 tengah hari. “Good evening” diucapkan pada malam hari saat bertemu. “Good night” diucapkan pada malam hari saat berpisah.

It’s+ minute+PAST+main hour
It’s+minute+TO+main hour

1)      Using “past”. Example: it is three o’clock; it’s ten past three; it’s quarter past three.
2)      Using “to”. Example: it’s twenty five to four; it’s quarter to four; it’s ten to four; it’s five to four.
A quarter         : fifteen (minutes)
A half              : thirty (minutes)
....o’clock        : used only at full hour (exact hour)
A.     M.        :ante meridian (before 12 at noon)
P.   M.        : Post meridian (before 12 at midninght)

A)    Asking and telling about dates
1)      What date is it today?
2)      When were you born?
3)      When were you admitted to this hospital?
Response: it’s (is/was) on.......

14 Jan(uary) 1990
January the fourteenth nineteen ninety (Brit E)
14.1.90 (G B)
January the fourteenth nineteen ninety (Brit E)
1.14.90 (US)
January fourteenth nineteen ninety (Am E)
5 Apr(il) 1892
April the fifth eighteen ninety two
9 Dec (ember) 1600
December the ninth sixteen hundred
5 Nov(ember) 1804
November the fifth eighteen hundred and four

B)     Asking and telling about doctor’s schedule
1)      When can I visit Dr Pranawa?
2)      Pardon me. Do you know when dr Pranawa is available?
3)      What time is dr Pranawa available?
4)      When is it my turn?

1)      It is nine o’clock/ it’s nine o’clock
2)      The internist’s/ Dr Pranawa’s schedule is at nine o’clock/ on Monday.
3)      The obstetrician/ she/ he is available on Monday (day) at nine o’clock (time). Will be available on Wednesday (day) at nine o’clock (time).